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The Bristol 403 – a car built by aircraft makers

Bristol was perhaps the most enigmatic and exclusive company in the post-war motor business. Using aircraft building expertise it made the finest sporting cars in the world for the most discerning gentlemen (and lady) owners. Bristol Cars had only one showroom, in Kensington, London, and …

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Lancia Lambda: the innovator

The 1922 Lancia Lamba is a true connoisseur’s car: it doesn’t look flashy or even particularly special. But it featured several design innovations which spawned millions of imitators. The Lancia Lamba was the first monocoque unibody car designed without a separate chassis. It also had …

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How The Decauville Car Shaped Automobile History

The Decauville car is one of the most obscure makes in car history. It disappeared without a trace, back in 1909. But it was enormously influential on the most famous motor car make of all: the Rolls-Royce. The Decauville company was well known for making …

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